Dar Poeta

Dar Poeta, these words are poetry to my ears… I hear them and I start salivating at the thought of these unique pizzas and bruschette alike.

Their website sums up nicely what makes http://darpoeta.com/ so different…

‘Our pizza isn’t neither roman pizza (low and crisp), nor neapolitan pizza (thick on the edge and spongy) our pizza is . . . DAR POETA’

Ignoring their odd double negatives, they are right, their pizza really is something different, most comparable to one from naples, yet some how thicker and lighter simultaneously. Another contrast between Dar Poeta  and a typical Italian pizzeria is their generous love of toppings, varying from potatoes to swordfish. In my humble and hungry opinion, it is this aspect, of high quality and fresh ingredients, that make this the best pizza I have ever eaten (it is imperative to pay the extra €1 to have fresh buffalo mozzarella lathered copiously on top).

Whilst primi piatti is most definitely something to write home about, do not miss the bruschette, of a variety I have yet to find matched. Whilst the ‘al pomodoro’ is good, i’d opt for the quirky the melanzane or the spicy beans (the latter being really quite spicy), which, along with the peperoni (in Italian this is a red pepper not ham), are my favourites!

N.B. Please do not let me down and order bru-she-tta, it is pronounced bru-ske-tta

If the savoury compartment of your stomach hasn’t rudely taken hostage of the desert’s quarters,  then try out the nutella and ricotta calzone, though I warn you now, it doesn’t matter how hungry you are, or how many people, still order the small… it is maaa-huussive!

Getting a table

During the tourist season Trastevere is a difficult place to get a table, those avaliable tend to be given out on a badis of nepotism. I recommend calling in Advance (advance being 1/2 weeks), and if that fails you have two options:

1) Go for dinner at 18:00, or for lunch on a weekday;
2) Go, talk to the big lad outside, put your name on the list, and WAIT. (I waited for an hour once but I promise it is worth it!).

If you are fortunate enough for the choice, try to eat outside. Whilst inside has a true italian hustle and bustle, you may struggle to keep up a conversation unless you have a megaphone to hand…

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