Pizzeria Florida

Strictly speaking, this is neither a restaurant, nor in Trastevere. In fact, I don’t think this should even be on this blog, however my boyfriend disagrees and made me promise I would write about the Pizza that ‘were I put at gunpoint, I’d probably go with the pizza’, there’s nothing like true love eh!

To get to Pizzeria Florida, walk along Viale di Trastevere until you cross the Tiber/Tevere and arrive in Piazza Argentina. If you are american, you can also take the no. 8 tram. When you arrive, turn right, to walk along the side of the piazza closest to the river. The road is called Via Florida (Yes, Florida Road, In Argentina Place, In the city of Rome). There is a little Pizza shop, usually with quite a bit of hustle and bustle, go in and take a number from the little red machine to the right of the entrance. Wait to be called, choose a little bit of everything, and then continue down the road to the Altare Della Patria (better known as the typewriter/Vittorio Emmanuele building), find a bench and soak in the Roman madness with some people watching and pizza. Whenever I have friends visiting, this always the pit stop before the colosseum and forum.

I am sure there is a technical term for the pizza base used, but as it seems more like bread than dough, I simply call it Foccaccia Pizza. There is an astonishing variety of toppings; philadelphia and mushroom, spicy tomato, potato and sausage, smoked salmon and rocket, and obviously the old favourite that is mozzarella and tomato.

What I love about this place, is that back in dear old Blighty, (for the non-anglos reading, this is a nickname for Britain), this would be a greasy fast food joint. In Italy however, it keeps the fundamental basis of being fast food (cheap, quick, eat out), but it is topped with such deliciously fresh ingredients that it would be treacherous to compare it to your local donna kebab or golden arches.

The food aside, this is an expereince not to be missed. In this 2 meter squared establishement you will feel like a true italian and as you shout and gesture across the counter, they will treat you as an old friend.

[Feature Image not my own, see – http://unamericanaaroma.com/2012/03/30/pizzeria-florida/%5D



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