Fish Market

I was very dubious when my friends invited me to ‘Fish Market’.. It sounded to me like some bad Anglo start-up for unadventurous (though fish-a-philic) tourists. To a certain extent I was right, the decor is very a-typical of Italy and whilst patches of the trademark thin roman bricks can be seen, it is decorated more like a quirky white tiled kitchen. Don’t expect to be greeted at the door by an old woman who treats you as her long-lost grandchild, but rather by a friendly hip girl in a crop-top who ‘bops’ to her table as her iTunes’ favourites sound through the speakers. After entering head to the bar, the drinks are served in what appears to be old jam jars and are bought separately from the table. A wide variety is on offer, from the traditional Italian wines to happy hour cocktails, my personal recommendation would be an aperol spritz, little goes down smoother on a warm roman evening.

Cocktail in hand, you find your way to a table with a A4 sheet and an HB pencil, you’re 8 years old again, doing your homework in the kitchen (save the cocktail…). Rather than taking a dish each, you just tick what you’d like as a table and taste a bit of everything. Dishes vary from carpaccio of prawn to traditional baccalà to tuna polpette (my favourite). You couldn’t ask for fresher or tastier fish! What I loved was the way traditional Italian cuisine was mixed with some succesful culinary experiments. I feel as if the men behind the icy counter of squid heads were having a whale of a time (though the conservationist in me hopes this in a less literal sense..). I’d advise however, to stick to only one of the ‘fritti’ dish, and order some of the fish by quantity on the back of the menu (we didn’t and I rather regretted it), but definitely keep an eye on the special’s board, it held a few treats when I was there.

This place serves great food and drinks in a wonderful environment, maybe it isn’t for a tourist wanting to experience quintessential Italy, but for those here for long stints I highly recommend this wonderful and refreshing Fish Market!

[Images not my own]

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