Le Mani in Pasta


I just LOVE the name of this restaurant! It is literally translated as the hands in the pasta, but it is also an idiom for ‘hands-on’. The walls of this restaurant are plastered with people messily tucking in to a huge bowl of pasta, and so it is not only through the name but the atmosphere that the Italian passion for food is made apparent!

For those in the know (horribly pretentious I’m aware..) this is one of the big names in Trastevere, up there with the likes of Dar Poeta, Da Augusto and Pizzeria ai Marmi, though here pasta is the speciality, rather than pizza. As with other top end eats in Trastevere, getting a table is a nightmare so you must book in advance, I tried to eat here several times before my final success.

People tell you to eat here for the pasta and if you are hungry, by all means tuck into an antipasto, but you will find it to be nothing worthy of this restaurant’s reputation. Ours was a simple platter of meats, perfectly delicious and by english standards top banana, but could be found in any old Trastevere restaurant. Primi piatti was a different story entirely. Many of the dishes are to share and we took the special of squid and artichoke (artichokes are a roman specialty and as they are currently in season if they are on the menu, it will be delicious). I was also happy as the wine menu had my Italian favourite Casale del Giglio, a wonderful Shiraz from Lazio (Rome’s region), I have yet to find a bad restaurant with this in stock.. a good guide if you’re ever stuck! The pasta arrived in vast quantities on a large metal tray, and mamma mia, it was tasty! The wonderful and almost sweet taste of fresh sea food juxtaposed by the slight bitterness of the artichokes, all covered in cracked black pepper. Well what more could you ask for!

This is Italy. Anyone visiting Trastevere must take a trip, it is pasta at its best, perfectly al dente (I saw the chef dipping his hand in the pot and pinching a piece, we may have health and safety in britain but we also have mushy pasta.. I know which one I would rather!).

For more info see below…


[Feature Image not my own – see http://www.johnandelana.com/blog/2010/11/5/italian-favorites-in-a-non-comprehensive-list.html%5D

Our Meal [own image]

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