Grazie e Graziella

I tend to steer clear of the Trasteverian tourist hotspots, namely Piazza Santa Maria, but I was told that Grazie and Grazielle, tucked neatly behind the church of glittering gold, would not disappoint. Oh how I wish it hadn’t, mainly due to the young, charming, and dishy waiter who made 3.5 breezy cool women melt into giggling school girls (I scored myself as a 0.5 as at the mere age of 21 I am not ready to accept that I am a woman and anyone who has met me knows that I am far too excitable to be described as cool and breezy, I earn my half point purely through association). I was so won over by the cracking location and the handsome service that I was prematurely preparing a review filled with a selection of the many superb Italian superlatives in my head, however as the food arrived my eggs, mid-counting, proved to be chicken-less. I had ordered a Carbonara con carciofi (artichokes) and being as hungry as those beloved childhood hippos I was ready to feast! The first bite left my mouth with an unpleasant stinging sensation and desperate for water, the food was indelibly salty and with each bite that premature 10/10 dropped like a new year’s count down. Unfortunately my fellow diners’ food was no better, but oh how I wish I could say differently. The bill was a little more than your average back-street Trastevereat but given the location I would say this was very reasonable. If you are a heavy exerciser and are trying to rehydrate by increasing the salt in your diet, then by all means eat here, otherwise I would recommend just going for a drink to ogle at pretty waiters and receive a butterfly inducing wink each time you cheekily chant ‘Grazie.. e Graziella’.

[Image not my own..


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