Trastevere, Tra-tevere, across the Tevere, across the Tiber. 

Trastevere… what’s that?

Now a central and, forgive the middle-age lingo, ‘happening’ area near the center of Rome, Trastevere was once considered too far away to be part of the true city. The inhabitants, i Trastevrini, were not considered to be real Romans (the area has always been a multicultural hub, in particular for the Jewish community). So, due to these factors, the quarter has evolved separately to the rest of Rome, and the moment you diverge from the large Viale di Trastevere (the reference point in this corn-maze) you find yourself feeling this difference, imagining that you are in a hill-top village, lost in a wonder of cobble streets, ivy covered bricks and wood-beam ceilings.

So, what else is there?

As all Romans will tell you, this is where you go to eat (and drink). There is an impressive and seemingly infinite number of restaurants, but it quality of such a quantity, that is what makes this area special. In addition to eating out, it’s a cracking place to eat in… these cobbled streets are filled with artisans’ shops, and were you to try your hand at some Italian cuisine, there would be no better place to stock up on fresh ingredients.

and.. this blog?

I have spent endless weekends trawling through the streets of Trastevere seeing which taverna or osteria has the perfect bruschetta al pomodoro or spaghetti al cacio e pepe, and suddenly I found myself giving restaurant tips to anyone who would listen.  I’ve always loved cooking, but until my ‘soggiorno’ in Italy I feared parting with my money too greatly to pay for something I probably could have made at home. When my friends came to visit, they saw the passion with which I gave them the ‘Trastevere food guide’ and they told me to hop-on the band wagon, like every other kid my age, and write a blog. Whilst I hope it may be of some use to tourist and ex-pats alike (I am not so foolish to think any Italians would take a Britts advice concerning cuisine), it is mainly for me. After my 6 months here, I know I will not look back to Rome, but to Trastevere, I have become a Trasteverina!


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